Riley and Steve visit Heron Island on The Great Barrier Reef! April 25 2017

Riley comes face to face with an adult loggerhead turtle on our recent trip to Heron Island in the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park.

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Saturday March 18th. 7.45am - 12.30pm. Explore the Hauraki Gulf with us! March 03 2017

Thanks to our friends at Auckland Whale & Dolphin Safari, Young Ocean Explorers are offering the opportunity for you and your family to experience first-hand the wonders of the Hauraki Gulf Marine Park. This exclusive marine eco-safari will be hosted by Riley and Steve and is available at a heavily discounted price. You'll also be helping us continue our work of inspiring kids to love our ocean.

Limited tickets so get in quick:

YOE - Explore the Gulf app February 27 2017

We're very excited about the 'Explore the Gulf' posters featuring Young Ocean Explorers that are available through the NZ Herald today, tomorrow and the 1st.

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Steve and Riley announced as PADI Ambassadivers November 23 2016

We're super excited about this! 

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Check out our pages on the Science Learning Hub June 01 2016

We're stoked to have some of our work used on the Science Learning Hub website! Check it out!

'Explorama' at the Auckland Museum March 05 2016


Awesome to be invited to the 'Explorama' event at the Auckland Museum! Saw some weird and wonderful creatures! 

Awesome shoot Steve was involved with in Fiji January 19 2016

Here's a very cool shoot that Steve was involved with in Fiji. It was a lot of fun and inspiring working with the incredibly talented Von Wong and the awesome team at Barefoot Kuata Island (We will be going back to Barefoot Kuata … such an amazing place!!)

Woohoo! Riley swims with 12 sharks at the Kermadecs! December 27 2015

Episode 1 of Series 2! Awesome trip to the incredible Kermadec Islands. NZ's northernmost territory and pristine marine environment!




Voices of Land and Sea December 10 2015

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Riley's Rotorua Rave November 05 2015

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World Champion Free Diver, William Trubridge, loves our book! October 12 2015

"Young Ocean Explorers - Love Our Ocean is a great book … the pictures and text both portray your enthusiasm for the wildlife of NZ's waters, and I'm sure this will be contagious with anyone who reads it!" William Trubridge - world champion and double world record holding free diver


Kermadec update - Steve's on his way home :) October 10 2015



Wild weather and data crunching

An unexpected low over Raoul Island forced the Braveheart to relocate to a new location near the Meyer Islands early this morning. Nevertheless ‘Thomas the Tag Engine’ was on the water as soon as possible and off to a great start. First we sighted a mother/calf pair, and shortly after they surfaced we heard a beep on our satellite tag receiver which informed us that this whale had already been tagged. After photographing the mother’s fluke it was confirmed that we tagged this whale yesterday.

Strong winds limited where the team could work - they were forced to work close to shore where it was comparatively sheltered.

Strong winds limited where we could work this morning; after attempting to head offshore in search of untagged whales, we were forced to come back and work close to shore where it was comparatively sheltered. Luckily we came across a new mother/calf/escort pod, travelling slowly in relatively calm waters. The calf regularly surfaced right next our boat, and we were able to follow this relaxed group for a little while until our talented boat driver Remi positioned us nicely for Simon to successfully deploy our retrieved tag (Charlie’s tag) in the mother, to which she showed no reaction and continued her slow travel. Shortly after this, a second escort arrived, and the behaviour of the group changed completely. The interaction between the two escorts prevented us from getting close enough to these animals to deploy another tag; they became erratic in their surfacings, their direction of travel kept changing, and they were engaging in competitive behaviour. Meanwhile the wind and swells had continued to pick up, and although we had another sighting, it was almost impossible to collect any data on the animal.

Back on-board the Braveheart we used this wild weather as an opportunity to crunch some data. Claire made an exciting discovery – a match between a Kermadec Island whale with one from the New Caledonia breeding ground (biopsied and sighted in 2011 with a calf – so we know she is a female). This match provides another piece of evidence that some of the whales that migrate past Kermadec Islands, breed in New Caledonia. A tagging project was conducted in New Caledonia between 2007 and 2011 where 40 satellite tags were deployed in humpback whales and revealed information on migration routes ( The majority of the tagged New Caledonian whales followed a south-southeast route to reach the Antarctic feeding ground, while the rest travelled west into the Coral Sea. Interestingly, two of the tagged whales travelled to the Kermadec Islands; a male in 2007 that was a regular visitor to New Caledonia; and a female in 2011.

The migration path of these whales is incredibly complex.

While the migration path of these whales is incredibly complex, finding matches between whales here in the Kermadec Islands with both the eastern breeding ground of Niue (blog #6) and the western breeding ground of New Caledonia, is exciting as it helps us to understand the movement of this endangered Oceania humpback whale population, and hopefully will provide insights into their final feeding destination in Antarctic waters.

By Becky and Claire.


Kermadec Expedition update! October 08 2015

A small but very important fish

Hi outside world, it’s Richie Robinson here, guest blogger for today.

I’m a photojournalist with NZ Geographic and I have the extreme privilege of being tasked to photograph one of the biggest animals in the ocean during The Great Humpback Whale Trail. But as soon as our scientists turn their backs, it’s well documented that I sneak off for dives to try and photograph some of the smallest animals in the ocean and yesterday struck gold with a new fish record for New Zealand with an undescribed Pygmy Goby Eviota species.

Underwater photographer Richie Robinson spotted this small fish at the Kermadecs - the first recorded sighting of it in New Zealand waters!

Pygmy Gobies are from the Gobiidae family which is the largest family of fishes in the ocean. There are even species that occur in freshwater! Despite this, there aren’t many gobies in New Zealand and this pretty little fish is easy to miss, only measuring around 1.5cm.

Even though this is an undescribed fish and the first time it’s been recorded in New Zealand it is an old friend of mine as we discovered them earlier in the year at Minerva Reef during the Auckland Museum’s South Pacific Biodiscovery expedition.

Diving the Kermadecs often turns up great surprises, this is my fourth expedition to the Kermadecs and with two decades of marine protection it is one of the last pristine marine ecosystems. I’m excited that I was underwater here when the Government’s decision was announced to extend its protection out to the 200 nautical mile zone. It’s incredibly rewarding working with such esteemed rouges of scientists on this expedition, they are an eclectic blend, part Darwin with a mix of Captain Ahab. It’s fascinating photographing them at work, even though they wouldn’t let me go swimming with the Great White Shark we spotted today.


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Exciting announcement while Steve's at the Kermadecs! September 29 2015

So awesome that the waters around the Kermadec Islands will become one of the world's largest ocean sanctuaries! 


Messy fun on 'What Now' September 22 2015

 Riley and Steve Hathaway put their nautical knowledge to the test with messy consequences!

What Now Interview! September 20 2015


Ronnie pops into our camper van and chats about the all the awesome places we've visited on our National Tour!

Day 9 National Tour - Hand feeding Eagle Rays with Dive Tatapouri September 08 2015



Thanks for the fun times Gisborne - yesterday we had fun speaking to about 1000 people at 3 schools. This morning we had an incredible time hand feeding eagle rays with our good friends at Dive Tatapouri. 

Exciting adventures on days 2 & 3 of our National Tour! September 02 2015

Day 2 of Young Ocean Explorers National Tour. Thanks Te Atatu, Auckland - it's been fun! Great to visit my old schools Peninsula Primary School and TeAtatu Intermediate, also a good crowd in the evening.
Today's Day 3 - traveling to Mount Maunganui and looking forward to hanging out at the beach and giving 4 talks at the Mount tomorrowWilderness Motorhomes New Zealand The Sir Peter Blake Trust The Bobby Stafford-Bush Foundation BLUNT Umbrellas ‪#‎redsocks‬

We're off! August 31 2015

Young Ocean Explorers National Tour! 31st August - 20th September August 30 2015



Riley and Steve on Good Morning! August 25 2015