DAY 1 at the Kermadec’s February 23 2015

DAY 1 at the Kermadec’s | We’ve finally arrived after a very long three day journey. (I watched lots of movies on the way up and Dad also made me finish some of my homework, since I’m missing school while up here)

We were hoping to park in Boat Cove so that the team on board our vessel (Braveheart) from GNS could work on the tsunami warning system there, but we were welcomed by strong winds and big swells. So unfortunately the only place we could anchor was Denholm Bay. (Which my dad says is not the best snorkeling location at the Kermadec’s).

Even though the weather was pretty ugly and it started to rain we made the most of it and I spent one and a half hours snorkeling, looking at all the amazing sea life. Even at a place that Dad doesn’t think is that flash, I’ve already seen my first spotted black grouper and galapagos sharks, which was so exciting! Also fish like colourful kermadec demoiselles, that are only found at these islands. Dad even saw a yellowfin tuna race past in the shallows.

I can’t believe that these islands are part of New Zealand, the water is so clear and it looks very different to any of the snorkeling that I’ve done on the mainland.

We’re hoping that the weather will improve tomorrow and that the swell will drop so we can explore more of these incredible islands.


Young Ocean Explorers is grateful for the incredible support of The Pew Charitable Trusts Kermadec Initiative in enabling this adventure to happen.