Day 2 at the Kermadec's February 24 2015

Day 2 at the Kermadec's : Today the wind calmed down a little and we were able to shift around the corner from Denholm bay to Boat Cove, so the team from GNS could start their work on the tsunami warning system.

It was a great start to the day to look over the side of the boat in our new location and see at least 10 sharks and some large kingfish swimming around the vessel.

When we finally got into the water to go snorkeling I was amazed with how blue and clear the water was. The first rock we swam past had large schools of fish around it. There were lots of blue mao mao, which I’m familiar with from Goat Island, near to where I live. There were also schools of the bright coloured Kermadec Demoiselle.

We swam into the shallows and it seemed barren, until we looked a little closer – there were some amazing colourful fish, more like what I’ve seen in Tonga.

Dad got me to swim into the swash zone so he could show me the giant limpets that live there. They are some of the biggest limpets found around the world and there were lots of them, some even had baby limpets living on their backs!

It was amazing seeing my first kingfish in the water today – I’ve seen lots of kingfish as I’ve grown up, but they were all dead ones that dad had caught. So it was incredible seeing them alive for the first time!

We also saw a couple of eagle rays resting down deeper on the sand. I thought that they were baby ones until dad snorkeled down and lay on the sand next to one of them, then I realised it was actually very large!

Some of the other cool fish we saw were: Lion fish, trumpet fish, Galapagos sharks (they are everywhere here!), trevally, kahawhai and grey drummer – I even got to see a couple of yellow ones! The list could go on forever, but that’s it from me today. I need to go to sleep as there was a lot of action today!

Young Ocean Explorers is grateful for the incredible support of The Pew Charitable Trusts Kermadec Initiative in enabling this adventure to happen.