Day 3 at the Kermadec's February 25 2015

Today the sun was finally out, the wind has eased off and the weather is looking nice for the next few days.  This is great for the GNS team who are fixing one of the Tsunami monitoring stations, here in Boat Cove on Raoul Island. There are 2 monitoring stations at Raoul and the system in Boat Cove broke earlier this year during a storm.

It was a successful day for them and by the end of Thursday we'll be shifting around to the monitoring station at Fishing Rock and the amazing diving at the Meyer Islands, looking for large spotted black grouper. I can’t wait!

We didn’t really have much time to go for a decent swim today. But in the late afternoon Dad and Armie went for a scuba dive directly under the boat and got some incredible footage ... they had at least 30 inquisitive sharks swimming around them!! Dad was really excited because he saw the same shark that he'd filmed about 600m from this location last year. It has a number of kinks in it’s spine. Next time I'm definitely joining them under the boat! (Note from Riley’s Dad – no she isn’t!)

We have some exciting snorkels planned tomorrow, so hopefully I'll have some good stories for you.