Day 4 at the Kermadec's February 26 2015

Today was a beautiful day! The sun was hot in the morning it was awesome, so we jumped in the water as soon as we could. The water is a deep blue colour and so incredibly clear, it felt like we were in the islands, there was lots of fish too!

There were schools of kahawhai, blue mao mao, grey knife fish, grey drummer and mado – mado are my favourite because they are friendly, swimming right up to us and also very pretty with their black and yellow horizontal stripes. I had heaps of fun swimming down through any school of fish I could find!

Some of the other fish we saw were blue ribbon grouper, yellow banded perch, trumpet fish, lion fish and I also saw my first grey drummer (which was canary yellow) it was stunning!! Dad said a small percentage of the grey drummer are actually yellow at the Kermadec’s. There was also heaps of very prickly urchins, Dad found out how sharp they really were when some spikes came through his fin … ouch!

Dad and Armie had a dive this afternoon with a large school of striped boar fish that have been seen in the same location for over 20 years – there were over 68 fish in the school as well as some spotted black grouper and of course sharks!

It's so amazing to see massive king fish and sharks off the side of the boat everyday and at night you can hear them splashing about! The Kermadec Islands are such a mind-blowing place and I've seen some incredible sights. Thank goodness we still have 2 days to keep exploring till we head home on our long journey back to the main land!

Yep - Mado are my favourite fish so far!


Northern Kahawai school in the shallows.


Young Ocean Explorers is grateful for the incredible support of The Pew Charitable Trusts Kermadec Initiative for enabling this adventure to happen.