Day 5 at the Kermadec's February 27 2015

Today was a busy and exciting day! Each year more people climb to the top of Mount Everest than those who land on Raoul Island … today I became one of those lucky few! We landed on the beach at Boat Cove to film a story - it was so beautiful! We met some of the DOC staff who told us how the islands no longer have any animal pests and this has allowed the trees to grow back and also brought back lots of seabirds to nest on the island. We saw this first hand with heaps of white terns flying around the beach.  

In the afternoon we headed over to the Meyer Islands to have a snorkel and do some filming. The Meyers are one of the best examples in the world of what a pristine seabird nesting island should look like. There have never been rats or cats on these islands and it shows, with every bit of the island covered with bird nests and the sky full of thousands of birds. It was amazing just listening to them flying around and communicating with each other - although I was watching out for splats dropping from the sky!

As soon as we jumped into the water we saw a White Tip Reef Shark. It looked quite different from the Galapagos Sharks that were also swimming around us. Dad was really excited as he said it's only the second sighting of a White Tipped Reef shark in NZ waters! (The first was also at the Kermadec Islands last year). It felt very cool to be part of it!

We also saw at least 4 turtles - which was awesome! I'd never seen a turtle in the water before like this (except for when I watched one being released at the Poor Knight Islands last year). The visibility wasn't as good at the Meyers as we’ve got used to in Boat Cove 'cos there's been a large swell that's stirred it up a bit. But it was still good enough to see more new fish that I’ve never seen before: Caramel Drummer, Toadstool Grouper and Masked Moki. I even had a Lion fish swim right up to my mask! 

Tomorrow is our last day here at the Kermadec's so we'll have another early start and spend the whole day in the water. I can't believe our magical trip is nearly over but I'm looking forward to showing you our incredible stories!