Day 6 at the Kermadec's February 28 2015

Our last day at Raoul was our best yet with beautiful sunshine all day long, which made the snorkeling amazing! We spent all day in the water and my Dad thinks we should call the Meyer Islands Turtle Islands instead, because we saw at least 4 turtles again. Most of the turtles have been green turtles, but Dad has some footage of a hawksbill as well.

We found a nice bay that as soon as we got in the water we knew we would be there for a while because there were so many fish. There were large schools of northern kahawai, grey knife fish, grey drummer (with about 4 canary yellow ones). When we looked closely there were also many different tropical species  - today I saw my first moorish idols in NZ. They look like they came straight out of the movie Nemo. There are lots of colourful fish that look like fish I’ve seen in Tonga and Rarotonga, but there are also fish that are found in the Hauraki Gulf, like: kingfish, blue mao mao and sandagers wrasse (which I did a story on last year for our Young Ocean Explorers show)

Dad went for a dive with Armie in the afternoon and they came back buzzing. They saw 4 spotted black grouper lots of sharks and also a school of good size amberjack.

We’re now on our trip home and a few people on board are already not feeling well :( … there’s just 3 days to get home! This has been a once in a lifetime opportunity for me, meeting so many cool people, seeing lots of incredible animals and visiting NZ’s most remote territory.

Dad will put up a short video in the next blog, to show some of our adventure.

Thanks Armie Armstrong for taking the photos for my blogs

Bye bye Kermadecs