About Us



Young Ocean Explorers:

We want to inspire kids to enjoy and care for the world's oceans.

In 2014 we produced 10 episodes of our first Young Ocean Explorers TV series  - it screened on ‘What Now,’ NZ’s most popular kids show. In 2015 we completed Series 2 which also screened on What Now and included episodes filmed in Australia and the Cook Islands.

It's been called entertaining education by teachers who have used the episodes in their classes with rave reviews. We think we’re onto something incredibly powerful that can change the way kids think and act towards the ocean.

In August 2015 we gave a copy of the Young Ocean Explorers book & DVD to every school in New Zealand and the Cook Islands. That's approximately 2560 schools!
We'd like to thank the Bobby Stafford-Bush Foundation for their massive help in enabling us to achieve our goal.


Targeting 8-13 yr olds, but appealing to an audience both young and old, the book (108 pages) carries on with the same fun style from the TV series and continues the visual spectacle with stunning photography from multiple award-winning photographer, Richard Robinson (recent awards – 2014 ‘Press Photographer of the year’, 2013 ‘NZ Geographic Photographer of the year’). Check out some of his work here:  www.depth.co.nz  And fun illustrations from award wining singer songwriter Jamie McDell bring a quirky sense of fun!

An awesome team of people have worked together to create this amazing book that will be an invaluable resource for every school library in NZ and the Cook Islands…. and kids the world over!

93 Percent: 

Approximately 93 % of New Zealand is ocean! If you think our scenery is spectacular or our flora and fauna is amazing … wait until to find out what lives underneath our oceans glistening surface!

Scientists estimate that about 80% of NZ’s native species live in our ocean. Our country is so much more than our unique keas, kiwis and kauri trees!

We want to enhance NZ’s story, by bringing its underwater realm alive and into the way we think about and value our country.