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With 93% of New Zealand's territory being under water and more than 570 million hectares of diverse marine environment, 21 times the size of our land mass our biodiversity is both special and highly vulnerable.
Our rich and complex marine environment is subtropical to subantarctic and contains over 15,000 known species. Scientists estimate that there may be as many as 65,000 marine species in New Zealand waters. Our isolation means that many of these species are not found anywhere else in the world.
Scientists estimate that as much as 80% of New Zealand’s indigenous biodiversity may be found in the sea. Yet less than 1% of our marine environment has ever been surveyed. On average, seven new marine species are identified every fortnight.
Young Ocean Explorers are on a mission to inspire a generation of young people to love and care for our oceans. 
Join Steve & Riley as they explore our shore lines and vast oceans.

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