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Now only $19.95

“I can’t wait to share this inspirational book with my children so they can become ocean explorers too! It’s delightfully informative, easy to read and just plain GOOD. This book will help the next generation to fall in love with the sea like I have. Pass me a mask and snorkle, I’m in!” Petra Bagust | Media Personaility, Part-time Fish & Mum

Join Riley Hathaway on the most amazing adventures with her Dad, underwater cameraman Steve, to find the largest, most scary and amazing creatures in New Zealand's vast oceans.

Young Ocean Explorers – Love Our Ocean, the book inspired by the popular TV series, features spectacular imagery by award-winning photographer, Richard Robinson. It opens up a whole new world, bringing us face to face with the beauty and strangeness of the underwater realm in a quality never seen before.

Riley’s adventures bring the natural world closer through amazing facts, stories and interviews with some of New Zealand’s top marine experts. Illustrations by popular singer-songwriter, Jamie McDell, add a quirky sense of fun.

Inspiring a generation of kids to put their faces under the ocean’s magical surface, experiencing it and wanting to look after it for future generations – this is a book to read again and again. 

Authors:                                 Steve & Riley Hathaway

Publisher:                              Underwater Promotions Ltd
Format:                                  Hardback
Publication Date:                 02/2015
Pages:                                    108